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16 июня 2017, 22:56

The HTC U11 is outselling the HTC 10 and M9


While HTC‘s presence in the smartphone market hasn’t technically diminished, it’s not a secret that the company needed its latest flagship device, the U11, to be a successful one. And if recent comments by HTC’s smartphone division head Chia-lin Chang are any indicator, it looks like the U11 has indeed fit the bill for HTC.

Chang has said the U11 is selling so well that it is actually outperforming HTC’s last two flagship smartphones, the HTC 10 and the M9. Chang went on to say that there should be even more demand for the device in July, which means even more sales of the flagship. That’s good news for HTC, who have felt the squeeze over the last several years.

What’s more, Chang made it clear that the U11 outselling the M9 is worth noting all on its own because of the limited carrier availability for the U11, especially in the United States.

Still, HTC isn’t resting on its laurels. The company is looking ahead, especially to 5G network speeds, and it plans on reducing the number of individual phone models it launches on a yearly basis. Chang wants HTC to trim the number down to just three or four devices in a year.

It sounds like the U11 is doing well for HTC, which hopefully means we’ll see even more exciting devices from the company in the future.

Are you planning on picking up a U11?

Source: http://androidandme.com/2017/06/news/htc-u11-outselling-htc-10-m9/